The Australian Household Threshold Report

Powerful insights into Australians’ financial health and their challenges meeting unexpected bills

Australian households’ challenges in dealing with unexpected costs and paying out-of-pocket expenses at once is contributing to financial stress, at a time of widespread economic uncertainty.

Download the Aussie Household Threshold Report here:

QuickFee Fee Funding How-To Guide

Here is a guide on how-to offer QuickFee Fee Funding to your clients and use your QuickFee portal.
The series of 5 videos includes:

  • How to prepare quotes
  • How your client accepts a QuickFee quote electronically
  • How to submit a signed quote
  • How to change your client’s bank details
  • How to track your clients payments

Click here to watch the videos online

Case Study: GENFOCUS

QuickFee Financing allowed GENFOCUS to manage debtors and still deliver a great client experience.

Case Study: Critter Removal Indianapolis

For the pest control and wildlife removal experts at Critter Removal Indianapolis, Pay in 4 Instalments is a friendly payment option that leaves their customers smiling.


Case Study: The Law Office of A. Green

QuickFee Instalments allowed the Law Office of A. Green to address cash flowneeds, expand the reach of their practice, and build stronger client relationships.



2021 Insight Poll | Rates, Pricing & Outlook

The next 12 months for the Australian accounting profession will be largely positive based on the results of the Good Bad Ugly Insight Poll – 2021 rates, pricing and outlook.