The Australian Household Threshold Report
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Powerful insights into Australians’ financial health and their challenges meeting unexpected bills

Australian households' challenges in dealing with unexpected costs and paying out-of-pocket expenses at once is contributing to financial stress, at a time of widespread economic uncertainty.

Insightful new research undertaken by Antenna Strategic Insights, and commissioned by QuickFee, reveals how the average Australian household struggles to pay more than $2,000 for unexpected but necessary services, and is looking for new ways to pay the bills.

The research is the centrepiece of the new Aussie Household Threshold Report, which presents findings from a survey of 1,000 Australian adults across the country. Some key outcomes include:

Download the Aussie Household Threshold Report here:

Understanding affordability

While there are payment choices for consumers looking to buy everything from fashionable t-shirts to the latest gadgets, there is significant demand for solutions that can cover higher-value essential costs while minimising the immediate impact on household budgets.

The Aussie Household Threshold Report provides valuable information for merchants and retailers to help better understand the affordability thresholds where budgets start becoming stretched.

It will also help them understand the kinds of services and products people would like to be able to pay for over time, plus the payment methods they prefer. The report also includes expert commentary from QuickFee Australia MD Bruce Coombes and Tribel Advisory CEO Jayson Walker.


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