Build now, pay later.

Client-friendly payment plans for web developers.

Have you ever turned away a client who couldn’t afford your rates? Or lost a great prospect who was concerned about affordability?

Now imagine offering those clients an interest-free payment plan that uses their available credit card limit. That’s QuickFee Instalments: The easy, responsible alternative to financing.

With Instalments you can:

Build now, pay later.

QuickFee Instalments lets your clients pay in 4 interest-free instalments, using sophisticated patented technology to split their payment over 4 instalments while we pay you in full upfront. There’s no credit risk to you.

Here’s how Instalments works:

Display your custom payment link anywhere.

Client signs up for a QuickFee Instalments payment plan on their credit card.

You get paid in full within 2 days.

Client pays over time (at no interest) and earns credit rewards.

Getting started is easy.

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up for QuickFee Instalments (we timed it!). Once you get your unique link, you’re all set to start accepting interest-free payment plans – anywhere, anytime.

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