Q Pay Plan

Get Paid Faster. Offer Interest-Free Monthly Payments

Q Pay Plan

Win more business.
Make your fees easier to pay.

Finally, you don’t have to negotiate fees with your clients. Our Pay Plan solution allows your customers to pay their invoices in 4, 6, 9 or 12 interest-free monthly payments.

With Instalments you can:

Get Started Now!

Did you know? Our Pay Plan solution is the most frictionless buy-now-pay-later solution for new customers.

Service now, pay later.

Q Pay Plan lets your customers can pay their invoices in interest-free monthly payments while we pay you upfront. No need for your customers to create an account.  They can make contactless payment via your unique secure online payment portal, using their mobile phone.

No need for any hardware or software setup. 

Here’s how our Pay Plan solution works:

Display your custom payment link anywhere.

Client signs up for payment plan on their card.

You get paid in full within 2 business days.

Client pays over time (at no interest).

Getting started is easy.

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up for Q Pay Plan (we timed it!). Once you get your unique link, you’re all set to start accepting interest-free payment plans – anywhere, anytime.


Your client will access the Q Pay Plan portal via the payment button you have been provided by your account manager. From there they will follow extremely simple prompts that should take no more than 2 minutes (we’ve timed it).

This product can be offered to clients of any business where an invoice is produced, for invoice between $100 and $25,000.

Yes. They were issued with credentials for a self-service client portal when their payment plan was approved so can use that to pay out early.

If a cardholder goes into liquidation, any debt incurred, or charge made to a card, prior to liquidators or receivers being appointed, is legally binding and would form part of the financial position of the cardholder that the liquidator assesses.

Foreign issued Visa and Mastercards should work no differently than an Australian issued card. The only limiting factor would be an overseas bank blocking a transaction in the same way Australian banks are more likely to block foreign card use as a fraud prevention measure.

The fees payable are set out below:
Initial setup fee of $199 + GST. Transaction fees: