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A payment solution for your household services.

With The Local Guys you can pay your invoice in full today or split it over monthly payments using the credit or debit card in your pocket.


Pay with your card now or later

Pay now or make interest-free monthly payments
using the debit or credit card in your wallet.
No applications. No hassle.

Step 1

Scan the QR code

You will be automatically directed to Jim's service provider secure online payment portal.

Step 2

Choose your payment plan

You can pay in full or via monthly payments, using the Visa or Mastercard card in your pocket.

Step 3

Enter your details

Enter your payment and card details to enable us to process your payment plan.

Step 4


Your application is approved. Your first monthly payment is processed now. Your next monthly payments are set automatically.

There’s an Easier Way to Pay.

Welcome to our secure online payment platform for The Local Guy's customers.