How QuickFee Instalments Can Help You Grow Your Business

How QuickFee Instalments Can Help You Grow Your Business

Offering structured payment plans is one of the fastest ways to scale your business, without having to invest another cent in sales or marketing. QuickFee Instalments empowers your clients to pay their fees in 4 interest-free instalments, with no risk and no recourse to you and your firm. It’s the first-ever non-recourse instalment payment plan designed specifically with professional service providers in mind.

Here’s how it works.

Product Breakdown: QuickFee Instalments

Unlike other “buy now, pay later” solutions, QuickFee Instalments doesn’t issue any new debt to the user. Instead, it uses your client’s existing credit card, removing the need for formal credit checks and applications. It also allows clients to avoid penalty interest, because it does not immediately charge the entire amount.

As an example: If you bill your client $2,000 and they pay with QuickFee Instalments, they only pay 1/4th of the amount for the first month (in this case, $500). The remaining balance is reserved on the credit line until it is paid. This hold is not visible to banks and does not affect your client’s credit score.

After your client agrees to use Instalments, here’s what happens:

  1. Instalments seeks authorisation to reserve the full amount on your client’s preferred credit card.
  2. Meanwhile, it charges 1/4th of the total to the card.
  3. You and your firm get paid in full within 2 business days of the first transaction.
  4. For the second month, Instalments repeats the “authorise and charge” process again, authorising the remaining balance and charging the next instalment.

How Do I Use QuickFee Instalments?

There are dozens of ways to use payment plans to your advantage, whether your goal is to win more business or eliminate aging receivables. At QuickFee, we’ve funded over $300 million in fees worldwide, and in the process, we’ve gathered some insight on best practices for using payment plans.

Depending on how you use it, Instalments can:

  • Be used as a friendly collections alternative
  • Make your fees more appealing to prospects
  • Enable you to sell more of the services your existing clients need
  • Allow your clients to split up fee payments across multiple accounts
  • Streamline your entire payment and invoicing process

With QuickFee Instalments, you’re adding another valuable financial tool to your firm’s toolkit – and improving cash flow for your clients and your firm at the same time. Best of all? It’s free to get started: There are no monthly fees or long-term contracts.

Ready to learn more? Contact us at 02 8090 7700 or apply online to start offering Instalments.

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