Fintech Happy Hour – Episode 1:
5 things businesses can do in lockdown

Five things businesses can do in lockdown

At some point, we all go through a challenging time, and these are especially exacerbated during lockdown. Here are five things you can do during a lockdown or testing times with your business.



1.  Continue to connect and engage with your team.

The pandemic is completely redefining the way teams communicate and work. It is important for businesses to continue and connect with team. Some ways teams can engage online can be activities like Pino and Picasso and team zoom online drinks.


2.  Taking a break

Sometimes we get caught up and working long hours. Whether it be going out on your lunch break and taking a walk in the sunshine or taking it a step further and taking a day of annual leave or a couple of weeks of leave, it gives you time to reset and comeback reinvigorated.


3.  Look after your customers

Now is the time to build loyalty with your customers. After all, these are people whom you have worked so hard to get on board to become your clients. It can not only build a stronger relationship, but it can become a better business environment.  It may be as small as a check-in phone call to see how they are going or holding a virtual event with them.


4. Utilise technology

We live in a technology-driven world, and many of these platforms can help streamlines your business. For example, Slack is used both within QuickFee and to connect externally with people outside of the business and can be used across many different platforms too.


5.  Block out time for creative thinking

While working remotely has many advantages and can save you time, it can mean you lose some of the valuable time you may have previously used for creative thinking. Such as during the drive to and from the office. Ensure you block out some time in your diary or calendar to have time to yourself and allow creative or inspiring thoughts to develop.

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